Mr Baby Jamie

I am Mr Baby Jamie. Welcome to my World...

"Hello! Share Website" 

MY mum says I am now nearly three and I should change what this bit says, so you don't all get bored of reading it! Well, I still want you to read my website, and something called a blog, which I write when I have time, and post most up to date piuctures and even videos to, so please do look at that. 

I have been really busy since I started this website. I now do a thing called "going to school" nearly every day! It's very tiring, but my keyworker, Mrs Fitz is very nice, and she gives me a hug if I miss my Mum too much in the afternoon! She even helps me cook things like biscuits to take home for Mum and Daddy! I have been on holiday to the sea side, and I have tried out Yoga, and judged a pig competition at the country show! (I didn't really judge, but I saw the judges and I could easily have chosen my favourite so...)

I am still a Saggitarius, and it is nearly my birthday! I know there will be Cake! Woohoo! I like cake!

I like swimming, and football, and I have watched skiing and understand that you need snow, so I might try that one day too. I also like building sand castles, reading, painting and drawing. But my most favourite things, are going to the park and eating biscuits. Not always at the same time though! All these things are still good, but also, I like visiting Grandpa Colin and gardening. I grew a lot of vegetables this year. I even took some of my tomatoes to school - I don't actually like topmatoes, but I grew so many of them that I decided that maybe my new little friends would like some! 

I hope you like my website, I am planning to update it when I get time, so that you can all see what I am up to, and how exciting my life is!